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Campus Health is continuing to offer our innovative and evidence based programming to students, whether you’re on campus or participating online. We are committing to helping you stay well and live well. In addition to Refresh (our online, sleep intervention) and Sex Well Online (our new, online, sexual health education program), check out our online guided meditations LIVE Mondays at 3pm EDT and Thursdays at 12pm EDT or available “on demand” for use at any time.

Here are two videos with messages of support and hope we created with campus colleagues:

About Campus Health

Campus Health is the University of Pennsylvania’s public health office, providing the entire Penn community with disease surveillance and prevention, health education and promotion, and policies that make the healthy choice the easy choice. We work collaboratively to produce evidence-based and data-driven outcomes. Our vision, mission, core principles, and priorities are outlined in our strategic plan. We even have a Student Health Advisory Board (SHAB) that acts as a liaison between the students at Penn and our office in order to better meet your needs.

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Campus Health has created 9 core programs. Click each icon for the program title and for more information on our policies, resources, and services.

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Breathe well, smoking cessation tobacco-free campus. Image of lungs. Eat well, nutrition. Image of fruits. Flu clinic, get vaccinated. Image of bandage.
Move well, exercise and fitness. Image of exercise equipment. Sex well, sexual awareness. Image of a heart. Sleep well, sleep quality. Image of a moon and stars.

Interested in exploring other areas of wellness? Check out the Wellness at Penn intiative.

Introducing Wellnest

Wellness at Penn has partnered with Wellnest to offer all students, faculty and staff free access to their gamified mindfullness app, which features the following:

  • Guided Content: Wellnest’s content library offers relevant and niche topics to help you with social isolation, productivity, happiness, spirituality, and more.
  • Voice Journaling: Wellnest offers speech-to-text technology, improving the speed and quality of your journal entries. (You can also type too!)
  • Game Design: Earn Wellnest Gold for journaling, and spend it in the shop to customize your new journal!

You can download the Wellnest app on your iOS device or join Wellnest on their web-based app