Health Promotion and Education

Only 48.8% of Penn students are meeting the recommendations for moderate-intensity exercise, vigorous-intensity exercise, or a combination of the two. Additionally, almost 60% of students do not engage in any form of strength training exercise. Need help adding the strength training component into your busy schedule? Schedule a session with one of Campus Rec’s personal trainers or check out our Strength Training handout which highlights various exercises that can be done with minimal space and equipment!
Regular stretching is important in order to maintain flexibility to reduce your risk for injury and joint problems.  Stretch after every workout and even during study breaks to keep your blood flowing and energy elevated. Research shows that incorporating simple stretches on study breaks can help your brain refocus!  Check out our Desk Stretches handout for simple stretches you can do in your dorm, in your hall, or even in your chair!

The (bi-)Annual College Health Assessment tells us that Penn students are healthy, but we could all use a little more exercise. Jogging in place, doing jumping jacks, mountain climbers, or burpees require little space and are perfect for dorm room exercise. Using your own body weight is the best way to exercise and improve bone health. Check out some of these links for quick, easy aerobic activities you can do right within the comfort of your own room, or even at your desk! 8 Bodyweight Exercises to Try In Your Dorm Room

You can even do cardio from your chair! Click here for the 11 minute cardio workout, provided by SparkPeople.

SparkPeople’s 20-Minute Fat Blaster video

SparkPeople’s 10-Minute Jump Start Cardio Workout video

Washington Post’s Workout at Work (or at the library)

Move Well with Penn Campus Recreation!

Exercise Maps

We’ve created walking/jogging/running maps for the Penn Community to use!  Check them out here: