Request a Bike Well Workshop 

New to biking or biking in an urban setting? Request this workshop and learn about how to safely navigate around our campus and the city.

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Health Promotion and Education


Bike Safety

Click the icon to the left for tips and an infographic on how to travel safely by bike!

Disease Prevention


Interactive Bike Accident Map

Use this interactive map to avoid biking problem areas. In University City and around Penn’s campus, the majority of bike accidents occur on trolley tracks. Use caution when biking around them and always wear your helmet!

Health Policy


Bike Helmet  Reimbursement Policy

Campus Health is proud to present PSIP’s bike helmet reimbursement policy! For up to $25 dollars, PSIP will reimburse helmet purchases. Students need only to fill out 1-27 on this form and submit bike helmet purchase receipts/claim forms to the address on the back of their insurance card.