Summer 2020 Live Weekly Meditation Sessions

Campus Health is offering the Live Weekly Guided Meditation sessions on Mondays at 3pm EDT and Thursdays at 12pm EDT. They can be found on Blue Jeans and students can use this link to access it:

We also will be archiving the sessions, so students can access them “on-demand” at whatever time works best for them!

Thursday, April 9th

Thursday, April 16th

Thursday, April 23rd

Thursday, April 30th

Thursday, May 7th

Thursday, May 14th

Thursday, May 21st

Thursday, May 28th

Request a Be Well Workshop 

Request a workshop led by Health and Wellness Educator, Sandi Herman. Sandi has designed individualized workshops on meditation, stress reduction, mindfulness, and relaxation. Through these workshops, students can learn techniques for reducing stress and managing its effects.

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Free Meditation Sessions

Come to the Weekly Guided Meditation sessions (FREE for all Penn students and requires no prior experience)! The weekly events are listed below. For more about Sandi Herman and meditation, click here!