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Need to Refresh?

Having trouble getting enough sleep? How about getting good quality sleep? Simply interested in learning more about how to get more restful nights? You’re in luck! Public Health and Wellbeing offers a new program called Refresh, which is a 7-week self-help program that includes weekly emails with information and practice activities to help improve sleep quality. Penn students who have completed Refresh showed improvements in overall sleep quality and reduced distress caused by sleep problems.

REGISTER for the Fall 2022 Refresh cohort here!

All participants who complete the program will receive a small prize and be entered into a raffle to be a grand prize winner!

For more information, contact Rebecca Huxta (

The Art of Sleep

This educational presentation discusses the importance of sleep. It will not only inform you of proper sleep hygiene, but discuss the tools and resources available to students on campus to help you achieve optimal sleep quality and quantity.

Sleep Jeopardy

Our Sleep Jeopardy workshop is an interactive version of the Art of Sleep presentation. Students will learn about the basics of sleep architecture, difficulties with sleep and sleep disturbances, typical occurrences during the different stages of sleep, and specific sleep statistics.

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Health Promotion and Education

Sleeping Well During COVID-19

Take a look at the videos below, put together by the University of Pennsylvania’s Dr. Phil Gehrman from the Department of Psychiatry, as he discusses ways to Sleep Well during COVID-19.


Set A Regular Wake Up Time

Create A Rhythm To Your Day

Establish Nighttime Wind Down Routines

Only Be In Bed If You Are Sleepy

Even the Department of Recreation and Intercollegiate Athletics recognizes the importance of sleep!